a courageous life

The problem with our faith today, is we purposely choose to avoid living a courageous life.  We would rather not see God move and live in comfort, than give way to discomfort and see God move in radical ways.  We want miracles, but we refuse to position ourselves to be recipients of them.  As we started our church plant I was most excited to see God provide for us in crazy ways.  I’ve always worked hard for my money, and I’ve left little room to see God really provide in miraculous ways.  My solution to not paying the bills is to get a second or third job.

As a church planter, adding jobs to our daily routine was just not an option.  As we headed out to accomplish our God-sized dream, my husband asked me what I was looking forward to the most – honestly, the miracles, I told him.  I couldn’t wait to see God move in others lives as well as my own.  One area where we needed God to move was our finances.  We needed Him to provide in radical ways.  But the way I live my life is to pick up another job or to swipe my credit card.  I wasn’t about to give up certain luxuries; that is until God spoke to me.   I was never going to see God’s miracles, because I had so many false securities in my life.  Plastic and the job market would rescue me like they always have.  But I knew I wanted more.  I wanted to live a courageous life and see God provide for me in ways I’ve never dreamt or imagined.  So I did the unthinkable… I cut up my cards and CLOSED the accounts.  I refused myself the joys of entertaining getting a second job.  And because I was adamant about stepping out in faith, I put everything on the line.  I truly depended on God.

We have too many security blankets in our lives.  We don’t need God to provide, because we have VISA.  We don’t need God to give us joy, because we have entertainment.  We don’t need God to give us peace, because we find peace in other things.  But I believe that God is calling us to live courageously – to put everything on the line.  I believe that we are called to work hard and not be foolish.  Some of us need to get a second job.  But sometimes we replace Church, our walk with Jesus and our families for that second job.  I believe God wants us to serve Him by living courageously.  We are called to trust God in times of need, not get into more debt.  We are called to surrender our fears and let Him bail us out.  This isn’t easy and the fruit seems minimal at first, but as we do this, I believe that God is going to reveal Himself to us in radical ways.


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