the goodness of God

If we believe that God is good, than everything He does and gives must reflect that goodness.  Sometimes, we look at what we have or don’t have and we think that our circumstances reflect God’s character.  There is great danger in doing this, because we begin to see God through a lens based on the material, rather than seeing our circumstances through a lens based on God’s character.

We often fail to see things through a Spiritual perspective, and therefore when we lose our job or say good-bye to a loved one, we immediately begin to judge God’s character from that.  How could You God?  Why would You God?  Questions like this are not bad, but they are revealing.  They show that we are seeing God through our circumstances rather than seeing our circumstances through God’s character.  If we are confident in God’s goodness, and that is our premise for understanding all of life, then when a tragedy strikes us, rather than allowing it to shape our opinion of Who God is, we would allow what we know about God to shape our opinion of what has taken place.

Can death really be an act of a good God?  The Bible says that God works all things together for good according to His purpose.  In this life I may never understand why God allows death to fall upon a child, but I know without a shadow of a doubt, that God is first and foremost – always a good God.  Because that is my foundation, I can see all death, even that of a child, through the understanding that whatever God gives me is good and will be used for good.