two days ago my friend posted… Our job isn’t to get results; our job is to obey God’s voice.  i am so convicted when i read this.  why is this so hard?  why do we constantly struggle to get results, when all we are really asked to do is obey God.  i confess that my focus is usually on the results and not on my obedience.

abraham never saw the fulfillment of God’s promise to him – but it was fulfilled. i’m always challenged by this.  jim elliot was a missionary who was martyred on arrival.  he never saw the fruit of his journey – an entire tribe in love with Jesus.  he’s just one story, there are many more.  i’ve read stories of missionaries who gave up everything for what became the salvation of ONE person.  i’d be lying if i didn’t tell you that i struggle with this.  i don’t want that to be my story.  but the reality is, at the end of the day, praying for an entire city is not nearly as meaningful to me as praying for our 80-year old neighbor whose days are numbered.

our obedience is most pertinent in the daily grind of life.

as i prepare for Bible study tonight, i get anxious about who will show up.  i grow concerned that no one will come.  i worry about the results, because i am not completely convinced that our simple obedience is enough.  i worry that others are looking for results and i wrestle with that.  what if others think we failed?  i fear being marked a failure.

in the midst of these worries, i must take a deep breath and remember – my job is to obey God’s voice.  what He does with that is off me.


2 thoughts on “obedience

  1. It’s hard to do what you are truly called to do by God. Especially when others see a big paycheck as a mark of success. You are there in Boulder because others have chosen not to obey God’s word to plant a church. Take courage that God has seen your obedience.
    Love Eunice

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