not a hard Master

“How very kind of the Lord, not merely to send us the necessities of life, but even such things as, on account of the weakness of our bodies, or the want of appetite, we might have desired!… We have indeed not served a hard Master.”

George Muller penned that statement after he witnessed God’s amazing provisions in his life.

I have come to a very still place in my soul; I neither awake with extreme excitement nor do I wrestle with discouragement.  I am content.  Perfectly content in the season of life I am in.  Each day brings new joy to me – as a mother, wife, church planter, and child of God.

There are days when I question God’s involvement in my life, but those days have become more frequently submitted to the days when I anticipate God’s involvement in my life.  This has been the result of being brought to the revelation that we do not serve a hard Master.  It is not a sacrifice to serve a God of such insurmountable love and grace.  When He took on my sin at the cross, He did so to gain the Father’s reward.  He saw me as a Reward – something worth giving His life for.  And yet, all too often I do not see my own cross in the same way.  I do not count it all joy when I face trials of various kinds.  Maybe it’s because I esteem my comfort above my God.  But serving God is not a burden, nor is it a sacrifice; this doesn’t mean it’s comfortable or easy, nor that it should be.  However, the way in which we carry our cross determines how we see God.  God is not a hard Master, and whatever I go through for the sake of Christ is not a sacrifice, but pure joy – Joy because of Whom I am living for!


3 thoughts on “not a hard Master

  1. Wow Cam…. that really spoke right to my heart!!! VERY touching!!! Soooo insightful and truthful!!! Again… as I read your writings… I feel like I’m reading a professional author’s work…. then I realize I’m reading something better….. my very own daughter’s!!!!! 🙂 Your writings are truly some of the BEST I’ve EVER read!!! I’m not just saying that because I’m your mom…. only because it’s TRUE!!! Great job Cam!!! Keep it up…. Keep Glorifying our Lord with your beautiful gift HE gave you with writing!!!!

  2. You’re most welcome… liked the article… In which…. I personally like YOURS more…. but that was definitely thought provoking and quite humorous!!! Can’t wait until I read your next blog! 🙂 love ya and have a GREAT day!!! we all need to “press on toward the mark!” toward loving others in truth and grace! 🙂

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