hi.  my name is camryn zamora.  although i despise being labeled “so-and-so’s wife”, it is a label that has followed me, so i will just go with it – i am ben zamora’s wife.  in 2005 i met a man who made me laugh all the time.  we quickly became best friends and later, husband and wife.  after five years of marriage, and two, soon-to-be, three kids later, we are still the best of friends… and yes, he still makes me laugh all the time!  i knew when we met that he was called to full-time ministry, which was perfect, because i also wanted to be in full-time ministry.  i guess in my head i thought full-time ministry included a paycheck and frequent trips around the world… i had no idea that it would lead me to one of the most difficult cities in the US.  i had no idea that it would lead me to live a life of discomfort.  i had no idea that there would be no paycheck.  and i had no idea that it would test my faith like it has.

last year ben and i began praying about planting a church.  he was a youth pastor in vail for four years.  we had a great time pouring into some amazing youth and leaders.  but God was calling us out of vail and into boulder, CO – a city known for its liberal roots and eastern philosophy.  we answered the call and arrived in boulder in June 2011.  we have only been here a short time, but it has already been one of the most difficult yet amazing journeys of our lives.

we are both embracing the journey God has placed before us.  we are both experiencing different trials.  we are both being tested in different ways.  this blog is MY journey as a church planter’s wife, or more appropriately… my journey as a church planter.


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